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                SAHARA-III MAXITHERM 115 V

                SAHARA-III MAXITHERM 115 V

                • 97.8710.802
                $8,825.00 *
                Content: 1 Piece(s)

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                Product descriptions
                Name SAHARA-III MAXITHERM 115 V
                Product number 97.8710.802
                Product description SAHARA-III MAXITHERM 115 V, for thawing and warming blood products in plastic bags before transfusion, max. capacity: 6 storage bags, suitable for plasma, whole blood, erythrocyte concentrates and cryopreserved preparations
                Width of product 32 cm
                Length of product 49.3 cm
                Height of product 32.5 cm
                Product characteristics
                Power consumption 655 W
                Supply voltage 115 V
                Purity & certification
                Product category Medical device, CE
                CE certified CE
                Batched no
                Minimum order quantity 1
                Piece(s) / inner box 1
                Piece(s) / case 1
                Piece(s) / pallet 1
                Volume of case 0.1639 cbm
                Weight of case 16.43 kg
                EAN inner box 4038917968652
                EAN case 4038917968669