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                S-Monovette® Serum Gel, 7.5 ml, cap brown, (LxØ): 92 x 15 mm, with paper label

                S-Monovette® Serum Gel, 7.5 ml, cap brown, (LxØ): 92 x 15 mm, with paper label

                • 01.1602.001
                $20.10 *
                Content: 50 Piece(s)

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                Product descriptions
                Name S-Monovette® Serum Gel, 7.5 ml, Cap brown, (LxØ): 92 x 15 mm, with paper label
                Product number 01.1602.001
                Product description S-Monovette® Serum Gel, preparation: clotting activator/gel, 7.5 ml, membrane screw cap, cap brown, colour code EU/ISO, (LxØ) without cap: 92 x 15 mm, with paper label, label/print: brown, 50 piece(s)/case, sterile
                Product characteristics
                Label/Print With paper label
                Color of print/label brown
                Graduation Fill mark
                Cap Membrane screw cap
                Closure type Screw cap
                Connection Membrane screw cap
                Type of collection venous
                Centrifugation recommended 2500 x g
                Centrifugation temperature 20 °C
                Centrifugation time 10 Min
                Liquid-tight yes
                Diameter 15 mm
                Length excluding cap 92 mm
                Length including cap 108 mm
                Length including cap and plunger 129 mm
                Sample volume 7.5 ml
                Material & colours
                Color of product transparent
                Piston rod material Polystyrene (PS)
                Tube material Polypropylene (PP)
                Piston material High Density Polyethylene (HD-PE)
                Membrane material Rubber
                Closure material High Density Polyethylene (HD-PE)
                Color of cap brown
                Purity & certification
                Satisfies the requirement IATA, ADR
                Product category In-vitro diagnostic, CE
                CE certified CE
                Purity standard sterile
                Sterilisation Electron irradiation
                Batched yes
                Piece(s) / inner box 50
                Piece(s) / case 500
                Piece(s) / pallet 24000
                Height of inner box 82 mm
                Width of inner box 134 mm
                Depth of inner box 189 mm
                Height of case 440 mm
                Width of case 144 mm
                Depth of case 400 mm
                Volume of case 0.0253 cbm
                Weight of case 5.24 kg
                EAN inner box 4038917131797
                EAN case 4038917023979